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Guests Who Inspire Us: Newo Wellness

It was a beautiful spring day at Reverie at Lake Country when a group of young and vibrant women came to stay at our vacation property. From the moment they arrived, I could sense their positive energy and enthusiasm for life.

These young women were not just any ordinary group. They were the founders of Newo Wellness - an Indigenous and female-owned wellness company that focuses on educating and encouraging individuals to nourish all aspects of self - physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Their goal is to live "Miyo Pimatisiwin," which in Cree, means "a good life."

As a host of our vacation property, I was inspired by the young women. It was truly humbling to witness the dedicated passion they had for their work, and their commitment towards creating a positive change in the world. Their respect and appreciation for Indigenous culture and traditions was incredibly heartwarming, and it was a blessing to have an opportunity to host them.

The word "Newo" in Cree language means "to take care of ourselves." It embodies the essence of the company's mission and philosophy - to promote holistic wellness and care for all aspects of the individual's physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wellbeing. The founders of Newo Wellness drew inspiration from this word to create a space that encourages individuals to take charge of their lives and live in harmony with themselves and others.

They decided to take a break from everyday life and stay at our vacation property. The vacation property is surrounded by lush green trees and an enchanting lake, providing an idyllic backdrop for their relaxation. However, their focus wasn't just on basking in the beauty of nature; instead, they incorporated it into their yoga and meditation sessions, promoting a deep sense of connection and grounding.

I quickly learned so much from these aspiring women during their stay - not just about wellness, but about life in general. Their spirit of unity and their dedication to uplifting their community left a profound impact on me. Their philosophy of living "Miyo Pimatisiwin" resonated with me deeply, and I felt inspired to work towards a better understanding of my own wellness journey.

During their stay, I was thrilled to be invited to participate in one of the live Instagram yoga and movement sessions hosted by Newo Wellness and done on our vacation property. It was a fantastic experience, and I could tell that the session was a significant aspect of their wellness programs.

Participating in the live session gave me a new perspective on the importance of physical health and the power of mindfulness. It was a refreshing change to be involved in an environment that fostered unity and wellbeing. The session left me with the energy and mindset to approach each day with a renewed sense of purpose.

Overall, my involvement in their live Instagram session was a testament to the synergy and mutual respect that had developed between us throughout their stay. I was taken aback by their kindness, and it brought me great joy and satisfaction to be welcomed into their wellness community.

As the journey came to an end, it was clear to me that this was much more than just a vacation. It was an opportunity to create a connection between two communities, encourage education and mutual respect, and foster positive relationships that will last a lifetime.


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