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Building Community Through Tennis: TennisBC and YMCA Provide Lessons to Kelowna Immigrants

Tennis is a sport that brings people together from different backgrounds and nationalities. It's a sport that fosters a sense of community and promotes physical fitness. That's why, TennisBC and YMCA have partnered up to bring beginner tennis lessons to the Kelowna immigrant community. Their aim is to provide recreational activities to new immigrants and help them connect with others in their new home.

This 8-week program is designed to introduce basic tennis fundamentals to immigrants who want to learn and play the sport. Not only that, but it's also an opportunity for them to socialize and make new friends in a supportive and inclusive environment. Through tennis lessons, the immigrants can experience the joy of playing a sport with others, regardless of their culture and background.

The program is heartwarming because it shows the power of sports to bring people together and promote social integration. The initiative demonstrates the care and support provided by TennisBC and YMCA to immigrants, making them feel welcome in their new home. It's a wonderful example of corporate social responsibility that can have a profound impact on the lives of immigrants who often struggle to connect with others in their new community. The partnership between TennisBC and YMCA is a standout example of how two organizations can work together to make a difference in the local community.

Running the program on behalf of TennisBC is Sib Sirimanotham and Karen Roosen. Both are certified tennis instructors and run the Lake Country Tennis Association with Sib as president. Sib is known in the community for his passion for tennis and his dedication to introducing the sport to anyone who wants to learn.

The success of the program is thanks in no small part to Sib's tireless commitment to helping those who want to learn the sport. His expertise, dedication and passion for tennis have made him a natural fit to run the program on behalf of TennisBC. The Lake Country Tennis Association is lucky to have such a great advocate for the sport, and the Kelowna immigrant community is lucky to have such a caring and knowledgeable instructor.

The first day of the program was a remarkable success, with 22 participants joining the tennis lessons. The newcomers were eager to learn and excited to be part of a community-focused initiative. All shared a passion for trying something new.

The lessons were conducted by Sib and Karen, and they made sure that everyone felt at ease on the court, providing a warm welcome to everyone and patiently explained the basics of tennis. The learners enjoyed learning new skills and hitting the ball back and forth to each other. The lesson ended with the group looking forward to coming back for next Sunday's lessons.

The success of the first day served as a testament to the impact of community programs such as this one, which promotes physical wellness and social connection. TennisBC and YMCA have shown the power of bringing people together through sports and recreation. With such a positive start, it's exciting to see what's ahead for the program and its participants. The Kelowna immigrant community has become richer through this program and will continue to thrive with initiatives like this.


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